Buying a Dual Sports Motorbike in the Philippines

Today I decided to take a look around Cebu City in the Philippines for a Dual Sports Motorbike to maybe buy while living here. I first had a look at a few of my local motorcycle shops on Bantayan Island where I live in the last week as well.

I had seen the local Honda dealer selling a Yamaha YBR 125G that was one of the bikes I was interested in. It was a black model with a price tag of at first 67,000 but when I went back a week later it was reduced to 62,050 pesos. I like the black color and I asked them if this was the latest 2012 model and they confirmed it was although I would later be told by another shop that this is last year’s model. It also makes sense as the other black models I would find in Cebu City were also around the lower prices compared to the red or blue models.

The Bantayan Honda dealer also told me that they had no XR200 Honda bikes in stock and if they could get one I think they said they price was around 138,000 pesos. As for registration, this is where I was put off buying from them… I was told that if I purchased a bike from them I would have to wait the usual 3 months for my registration to be processed but I would be limited to only riding the bike on Bantayan Island until my registration was processed. Now, I don’t remember them telling me I would need to buy the usual temporary 7 day exemption so maybe this was not so bad if I was free to ride it until my reg was processed and saving me the 400 – 550 pesos per week fee?

Anyway, looking at Cebu… I decided to head to Mandaue as I knew of a couple of shops there. It turned out to be a good decision as there were many motorcycle shops in Mandaue. I only took a jeepney to save on costs and to get the local feel. I asked the jeepney driver to drop me off at a Yamaha Motorcycle shop on the main road and he did.

So I will list all the shops I remember visiting, the bikes, the prices and any other details:

SMCT Mandaue
ph: (032)420 6214 or (032)746 8639
Kawasaki KLX 150 – 113,000 pesos
Kawasaki KLX 150 D-Tracker – 127,000 pesos
Honda XR200 – 134,000 pesos

The salesman was helpful and not pushy but seemed a little unsure of the bike manufacturer year. He eventually told me they are 2011 models, at least he is honest where I found many of the other shops said there bikes were 2012 models even though they sounded like they had no clue about that.

The SMCT Mandaue showroom was large and very clean and new. It was easy to look at the bikes and compare a number of brands and models. I felt comfortable here and would seriously consider buying from them when I’m ready.

Des Marketing Inc (Yamaha)
Address: Cotaoking Building
North Road
Tabok, Mandaue City,
Cebu 6014
Ph: (032) 421 1461

I was lucky to meet a Filipino man called Jess I think outside the shop around 1.20pm as the shop was closed until 1.30pm for lunch. Jess gave me some good info and told me where I can find other shops later. he also talked to the staff on my behalf asking questions about the registration and the conduction permits. They have the normal 3 month wait but can do unlimited conduction permits for 400 pesos for each 7 days. They had a Yamaha YBR 125G Black in their showroom at only around 61,000 plus the free Yamaha promo jacket. They were helpful to deal with and their showroom was professional and clean. The price was the lowest but I think it was the older model with apparently the only difference is the rear decal.

Wheeltek Motorsales Corporation.
Address: North Road Highway Labogon.
Mandaue City, Cebu
Ph:420 5248

They had a Kawasaki KLX 150, I don’t recall the price but I remember it was higher than 120,000
They had 2 X Honda XR 200’s in the cramped and dirty showroom but they looked a bit dirty. The place was busy and I had to ask someone to help me and they did then and became helpful. Unfortunately their prices were the highest I came across and they said they would not go lower but I believe they would if I was ready to buy and I spoke to the right person.

I’m not sure I would want to buy from them though as they looked disorganized, busy and the showroom was not professional and clean like most other shops.

Honda XR 200 (they said it was a 2012 model but I’m not sure about that?). – 140,600 pesos
Kawasaki KLX 150 – 120,000 + pesos?

Evergreen Elite Motorcycle Sale, Inc
Address: 417 A.C. Cortes Avenue, Ibabao
Mandaue City, Cebu
Ph: (032)420 1978

Honda XR 200 – 138,645 pesos
400 pesos for conduction permit
includes: 1 yr registration
1 yr Insurance TPL/PA
1 yr free service check or 800kms. Which ever comes first.
1 yr warranty w/manual & coupon

I’m not sure what that last line means? i also have difficulty remembering this shop sorry and the XR was probably not in stock?

Motor Ace Philippines Consolacion
Address: National Road, Cansaga, Consolacion, Cebu
Ph: 4234558 (Fatima)

Yamaha YBR 125G – 64,300 pesos
Includes: 2 years free service for engine, 1 year insurance, a free sweatshirt plus they include the free Yamaha promotional jacket. Conduction permit would cost 550 pesos each 7 days with a maximum of 2 weeks only allowed? This seemed strange that they would only allow 2 weeks of riding the bike with a conduction permit until the full registration was ready. It was also the most expensive at 550 pesos.The salesgirl was friendly but was a little to eager for me to buy it then and there. They only had a red & blue model YBR 125G but they do seem to be the latest model with the modern stickers.

Address: JVR building, A.C Cortes Ave
Mandaue City
Ph: (032)346 2286 & 345 5064
fax: (032)345 5063
cell phone: 09173187887

This is also a home appliance shop. They offer a range of bikes in their large showroom.

Kawasaki KLX 150 – 120,000
Yamaha 125G – 69,600

their prices were amongst the highest I came across but the staff were friendly and helpful.

Des – DU EK SAM, Inc
Address: North Highway, Cansaga,
Consolacion, Cebu
Ph (032) 423 9108
Fax (032) 423 9108
Mobile: 09052892712
Contact: Romulo A. Yap (branch manager)

I spoke to Kerwin who was helpful but they did not have any XR 200 in stock so I asked if they could order one and he was a bit unsure how long it would take. The price is what is listed in their price list.

Honda XR200 2012 model (not in stock) – 135,000 pesos

Honda Motor World Inc
Address: M.C. Briones St, Highway
Mandaue City, Cebu
ph: (032) 343 6580 & 420 2044
fax: (032)346 0386
mobile: 09176381027
contact: Welma “weng” Martirez

They also did not have any XR 200 in stock so I asked if they could order one and she was a bit unsure how long it would take. The price is what is listed in their price list.

Honda XR200 2012 model (not in stock) – 135,505 pesos

I have saved the most interesting and maybe the best till last?

RMC – Ranola Motor Center
Address: Severina Building
Lopez jaena Street,
Subangdaku Hi-way, Mandaue City
6014 Cebu
Ph:(032) 343 9225 & 422 5767
Fax:(032) 422 6108
mobile: +639209275947

They also have another shop at 89 Osmeria Blvd, Cebu City.
Contact: Eng’r Alexander L. Ranola

I spoke to the manager and I think that is Alexander? I had also spoke to him several months ago and I was impressed with his knowledge, English and his attitude to be helpful and give me a lot of information on motorcycles sold in the Philippines. He says the XR 200 is basically unchanged for 20 years and the only difference in recent models is the cosmetic changes.

They had a Honda CRF in their showroom window (see photo below), I think it was the 250. He said it was hard to get 200 XR stock and if I wanted one then he would try his best. His other shop had the Yamaha YBRG 125 for about 68,000 but the big difference with buying from him apparently is that he will get the bike registered in 7 days which could be a deal breaker.

I was really interested in the Yamaha YBR125G before I visited all these stores but after sitting on a few bikes I now think that bike is not suited to meas its quite low and heavy. It feels more like a road bike to me. After I tried the Honda XR200 it felt so right.

The bike I would really like is the Honda CRF 250 but with a price range of around 500,000 pesos it really is way over my budget, at least for now. Even the XR 200 is stretching what I would prefer to pay. The Kawasaki 150 KLX is a little less but still more than I would prefer to spend and if I’m going to go to that price then I might as well get the Honda XR 200 for 15k or more roughly. The good thing about the 125 YBR is the price but I just don’t know if I would be happy with something that is not what I really want? The other option is a Chinese XR or CRF clone but I just don’t feel right about buying a Chinese motorcycle. I will buy the XR 200 I think but I will do a little more research on it first. I want to find out exactly how to tell if it is the latest model etc…

That concludes my review of looking for a duel sports bike in the Philippines. I would have liked to have visited a number of other shops in and around the islands of Cebu and if I get a chance to visit more I will update this article…

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